Jay and Jeremy - Character Design Project
Brent kirby diner scene final

Jay and Jeremy - Final Composition

Brent kirby jeremy thumbnails anotated

Jeremy - Thumbnails

Brent kirby jay thumbnails anotated

Jay - Thumbnails

Brent kirby jeremy character sheet

Jeremy - Character Sketch

Brent kirby jay character sheet

Jay - Character Sketch

Brent kirby jeremy character ortho

Jeremy - Orthographic Drawing

Brent kirby diner scene bg

Diner scene - 3D Render in 3DS Max with V-Ray

Jay and Jeremy - Character Design Project

I have a few children's storybooks that I wrote and illustrated when I was a pre-teen (probably around 11 or so?). It was never publicly released or anything (mostly because it's not that great visually), so I thought would re-visit it for this school project! The characters, Jay, a blue jay, and Jeremy, a rat, are best friends and get mixed up in all sorts of hi-jinx! It was really cool to get back to these characters, and this project actually ended up being the inspiration for our class project, which you'll see more in a later post... ;)

More artwork
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