Beauty and the Beast - Look Dev Project
Brent kirby beauty beast scene final rev 02 4k

Beauty and the Beast - Final Image

Beauty and the Beast - Breakdown

Brent kirby belle sculpt 01

Belle - ZBrush Sculpt

Brent kirby beast sculpt wip

Beast - ZBrush Sculpt

Beauty and the Beast - Look Dev Project

This was a project I recently completed for the course I'm currently enrolled in (Level 7 Advanced 3D Graphics at Yoobee School of Design). We were tasked with choosing a "Specialization," which for me was "Look Development," which asked us to choose "a still frame from your favourite 2D animated film, painting, illustration, or your own personal design" and recreate that scene in 3D. As Beauty and the Best is my all time favourite animated film (2D or 3D!), I decided to pick the balcony scene right after the infamous "Ballroom Dance."

I chose a shot from the film, but ended up combining it with the box art image for Belle and Beast's upper bodies, as I felt the ones in the film weren't as "iconic." I think the final result turned out pretty nice! :D

More artwork
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